Data & Analytics Congres 2023

Alle kaarten voor het Data & Analytics Congres 2023 zijn op, we’re sold out! Het is mogelijk om jezelf op de reservelijst te plaatsen. Stuur hiervoor een email naar Gino Kirsten. Ook voor andere vragen met betrekking tot het congres kun je bij hem terecht.

Op 2 november vindt het zesde Data & Analytics Congres plaats in Amstelveen. Verrassende (inter)nationale topsprekers presenteren hun visie en tips uit de praktijk. Topics die tijdens het event aan bod komen zijn onder andere Advanced analytics | Algoritme & standards | Analytische tools | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Ethical AI I Dashboarding | Marketing Mix Modelling & brand tracking I | Social media analytics | The Science of Data & Analytics & Up Next in CX/UX.

Bestel nu je ticket en sluit aan bij 250 enthousiaste, Data-specialisten, Online marketeers, E-commerce-specialisten en -managers, Business translators en-managers, Digital data-managers, Managers van data- en optimalisatie-teams en Product owners. Het event is tevens geschikt voor Engelstaligen, dus nodig gerust je internationale collega’s uit om deel te nemen!

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The Data & Insights Network is organizing the sixth Data & Analytics Congress on November 2nd in Amstelveen.  Surprising (inter)national top speakers will present their vision and tips from practice. Topics are for example Advanced analytics | Algorithm & standards | Analytical tools | Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Ethical AI I Dashboarding | Marketing Mix Modelling & brand tracking I | Social media analytics | The Science of Data & Analytics & Up Next in CX/UX .

Order your ticket and join 250 enthusiastic, Data specialists, Onlinemarketers, E-commerce specialists and managers, Business translators and managers, Digital datamanagers, Managers of data and optimization teams and Product owners.  

Discover our program below


8.45 – 9.15  Doors open    

9.20 – 9.30  Welcome by Chairman Jaap Wieringa (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

9.30 – 10.10  Keynote

Mainstage [UK] – Frank Buckler: CAUSAL AI: a new philosophy & technology to create better ROI from data

Causal AI is an overarching topic that inspires – it is now on of the leading tech trends on the Gartner Hype Cycle.

Frank Buckler (Founder & CEO @Success Drivers) speaks regularly about AI for Insights, e.g., 4x at the ESOMAR world congress with clients like T-Mobile, SONOS, Microsoft, and Intel.

10.20 – 10.55  Round 1

Mainstage [NL] – Centraal Beheer: Data & Insights als cruciaal onderdeel van de strategie van Centraal Beheer

In vogelvlucht nemen we je mee hoe Centraal Beheer data als integraal onderdeel van haar strategie heeft geïmplementeerd.

Patrick van Meerveld (Manager Data Consulting @Centraal Beheer): Met ruim 12 dienstjaren kent Patrick de organisatie van Centraal Beheer als geen ander. Vanuit verschillende functies heeft hij het gebruik van data & analytics, in het hart van de organisatie, actief gestimuleerd. Als Manager Data Consulting is hij nu, samen met zijn collega’s, dag in dag uit bezig om Centraal Beheer nog meer data gedreven te laten werken.

Stage 2 [UK] – FrieslandCampina & Digital Power: Marketing Mix Modelling as part of a new data-driven business model

It is not seeking that 20% opportunity but continuously increasing 1% across many levers. FrieslandCampina is the first in the chain, but the consumers are the ones who decide what to buy. Market research datasets help to understand consumer behaviour for example. A variety of internal and external datasets are interlinked to sketch the complete picture.

Since everyone wants to answer the one-million-dollar-question: how can you invest each euro as optimal as possible? Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) helps FrieslandCampina to understand the drivers behind their sales. Not solely focused on the influence of their media since competitor data is included as well: think of their distribution (in how many shops are they selling), pricing over time and the used media strategy. MMM is used at multiple levels to optimize media and promotion spends.

Stefan and Rui will cover the theory briefly and share their best practices to kick-start your MMM journey. They will talk about the challenges you will encounter, for example think about how to include media effectiveness? MMM will help you to understand the reasons why consumers buy your products or why they switch to a competitor.

Stefan Hulsbos (Data Analytics Consultant @Digital Power)

Rui Conde (Data Analytics Lead @FrieslandCampina)

Stage 3 [UK] – Syntho: The Power of AI-Generated Synthetic Data to unlock privacy-sensitive data

It is 2023. The promise of data is enormous. However, data-driven innovation remains constrained by stringent privacy regulations. This presentation deep-dives into the strategic use of AI-generated Synthetic Data to unlock the potential of data-driven innovation, providing organizations with a competitive advantage.

Join us for an interactive session and deep dive into synthetic data. We will host a live demonstration and an in-depth comparative analysis of synthetic data accuracy with real data. Participants become proficient with synthetic data generation and best practices in terms of working with privacy-sensitive data.

Founded in 2020, Syntho, a pioneering Amsterdam-based startup, is reshaping the data landscape through AI-generated synthetic data. As a leader in synthetic data software, Syntho is committed to empowering organizations to utilize high-quality Synthetic Data at scale. Our solutions accelerate the data revolution by unlocking sensitive information and to significantly reduce the time required to access data. Our mission is to foster an open data economy while safeguarding privacy.

Meet Wim Kees Janssen – founder & CEO of Syntho, the startup that is disrupting the tech industry with software for AI-generated synthetic data. Wim Kees has proven with Syntho that he can unlock privacy-sensitive data to make data smarter and faster available so that organizations can realize data-driven innovation. As a result, Wim Kees and Syntho won the prestigious Philips Innovation Award, won the SAS global hackathon in healthcare and life science and have been recognized as a Generative AI startup to watch by NVIDIA.

10.55 – 11.25  Break

11.30 – 12.05  Round 2

Mainstage [UK] – ANWB & Digital Power: Experimentation in the universe beyond the world of conversion rate optimization

For everyone in CRO: there’s a great universe beyond our world of conversion rate where the scientific method of experimentation could live as well.

Come join us on a journey through space where we show examples of successful experimentation on different worlds, where we’ll highlight ANWB’s case. We’ll hand out tools & tips so you can expand your horizon and find strategic value across the whole universe yourself!

Youp van der Graaf (Data Analytics & CX Consultant @Digital Power)
With an experimental mindset, Youp loves to help clients in achieving successes through research, measurement & validation. Working as Data Analytics & CX Consultant, he has helped clients like KPN, Nike & ANWB with setting up frameworks for measuring (product)success and practicing the scientific method of experimentation. He’s also a big statistics nerd.

Eelco Martens (Web Analyst @ANWB)
Eelco works as a web analyst and is part of the search and conversational team at ANWB. He is passionate about data and loves to help people to find what they are looking for. He is focused on ways other than the standard conversion KPI’s.

Stage 2 [UK] – Databricks: Large Language Models in the Enterprise Market

It’s no secret that LLMs have been making big waves in the market and there has been a lot of hype surrounding them. What are some real enterprise use cases we encounter and how can you develop them using the Databricks Lakehouse platform? Learn more about the characteristics of LLM applications, and when you should be buying a service like OpenAI or building your own model.

Victor van den Broek (Solutions Architect @Databricks)
Victor has over 15 years of experience in the data field, ranging from Data Science to Product Ownership. He started at Databricks beginning of 2023 as a Solution Architect, focusing on highly regulated sectors in the Benelux and the application of Data and AI in enterprise contexts.

Stage 3 [UK] – Bilendi: The Art of Engaging with Your Respondents

Workshop with pre-registration.

Dive into a unique intersection of art and research at our interactive workshop. In collaboration with taptapkaboom, we’ll explore the essence of true engagement. Using insights from our Bilendi Discuss platform, an interactive, real-time online tool, we’ll co-create 12 canvasses, each a testament to the power of genuine connection and creativity. Join us and be part of this artistic journey into the heart of respondent engagement.

This session will be hosted by:
Rich Armstrong, our collaborative visual wizard, will put his experience and skills to practice to amplify audience engagement with live visualizations during the event.

Tymon Groenendal (Business Development Manager at Bilendi & respondi) is a Market Research Strategist with a solid academic background in economics. He guides organizations in developing consumer-centric solutions and advancing market research practices. Tymon focusses on developments surrounding digital research and AI, within Bilendi.

Luigi Casula (Country Director at Bilendi) is a dynamic leader who has driven transformative growth and change. Luigi has over 25 years of experience in the fields of Research, Data, Analytics, Marketing and Sales, with a keen focus on engagement and innovation.

12.15 – 12.50  Round 3

Mainstage [UK] – Annalect: Mastering Marketing Mix Modelling: Incorporating brand KPI’s and longterm effectiveness

Marketing Mix Modeling has become familiar ground for many, serving as the primary tool in marketers’ arsenals to explain the impact of marketing on sales. What many marketers may not be aware of is that it also offers an ideal solution for explaining brand KPIs. In this session, we will elucidate why this is the case, how machine learning plays a role, how prior knowledge can be integrated into the modelling phase and offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into modelling for brand KPI’s for one of our advertisers.

Marijke Wiersma (Managing Partner @Annalect Nederland) Ze is verantwoordelijk voor een team van analisten, engineers en consultants dat zich focust op het helpen van adverteerders met uitdagingen in (digital) analytics, conversieoptimalisatie, media en data science en data strategy. Samen met haar teams helpt ze klanten om data-gedreven resultaten te behalen. Dat doet ze voor een gevarieerd klantenporfolio; van McDonald’s tot PepsiCo en van Renault tot Independer.

Stage 2 [UK] – Survalyzer: Learn from the best and how GeoPost analyzes open responses with chat GPT

Geopost Group is a leading logistics provider and a long-standing customer of Survalyzer. Customer satisfaction and constant development with the help of customer feedback are at the heart of GeoPosts strategy. In the webinar, we present GeoPost DPD Switzerland’s “EUROCC”-award winning CEM (Customer Experience Management) program and show how GeoPost DPD Switzerland uses Survalyzer Professional Analytics for AI-based analysis of open comments. Finally, we take a look into the Survalyzer development department and show which exciting AI-based extensions will soon make the market research world even easier.

Stage 3 [UK] – Colourtext Ltd: Using Quant Semiotics to predict future innovation trends

Quant Semiotics is a data analysis and segmentation methodology that deals with big natural language datasets by using computational text and complex network analysis. We applied it to 29,000 news articles about our own sector, the Market Research industry, to map the evolution of trends in MR between 2005 and 2021 and hunt for emerging innovations that are going to shape the industry’s future.

Jason Brownlee (Founder @Colourtext)
Jason Brownlee is the founder of Colourtext, an advertising and consumer insights company based in the UK with specific expertise in market segmentation, natural language analysis and data analytics. Jason has both a corporate and serial start-up background. He began his career in the U.K. with Bauer Media where he became Head of Audience Insight and played a key role in the expansion of iconic youth brands like FHM, Heat, Kiss and Kerrang. Jason went on to develop the world’s largest music consumer segmentation project for Sony Music, which has run continuously for more than 10 years across 42 countries.

12.50 – 13.50  Lunch (by Annalect)            

13.50 – 14.30  Round 4

Mainstage [UK] – bol.: How to build bulletproof data teams

Over the past 5 years, bol. grew immensely, from 500 employees in 2013 to almost 3000 today. That also required a change in how we derive value out of our data. We rapidly changed from a centralized data team to a de-centralized model with data roles and teams in every domain. I will take you on our journey of how we rebuild our data teams and roles for the future, how these roles work together and what next step we foresee to make our data and analytics teams bulletproof for the future.

Maaike Siegel (Data Craft Facilitator @bol.) In the rapidly changing world of analytics, she helps to keep the analytics field relevant within BOL and to take steps with data teams to develop their data expertise.

Stage 2 [UK] – Philips: State of Art Marketing Mix Modelling to drive Sell-out

A Hybrid Model within the excellence framework for creation and close market collaboration for consumption of insights. In today’s cost cutting world, given high recurring agency costs of Media Mix optimization analytics, how can organizations in-house this capability to create economies of scale to cater to different varieties of stakeholders.

Satyam Arora (Head of Commercial Analytics, Sales Excellence @Philips)

Stage 3 [UK] – LatentView Analytics: Unlocking business success for eBay via Advanced Analytics.

LatentView’s longstanding partnership with eBay, spanning over a decade now, has helped eBay uncover groundbreaking insights in market research and understanding consumer and seller behavior thereby establishing LatentView as their comprehensive Analytics partner for Campaign Analytics, Fraud, and Trust Analytics. The lecture will focus on how LatentView has been able to help eBay to accelerate the value from their digital transformation with the help of actionable insights from AI and ML.

Sanjay Annadate (VP and Business Head Europe @LatentView Analytics)

14.40 – 15.15  Round 5

Mainstage [UK] – Meta: The short and long-term impact of advertising

Research from Meta highlights the importance of long term advertising effects. The analysis reveals that 60% of the payback from advertising comes from long term effects. This means short term measurement systems (including most digital attribution models) probably underestimate ROI by a factor of ~2.5.

Short term measurement approaches tend to favour direct response channels, but this study shows that brand-building channels actually generate more sales in the long term. The study shows that TV is still a remarkably powerful medium for long term brand building. But digital channels can build brands too, particularly those that carry video. Smart marketers should combine on- and offline brand channels to maximise reach and effectiveness.

This session will deepdive into these results and discuss how brands can measure their short and long-term impact of advertising through Marketing Mix Modelling.

Sean de Hoon (Head of Marketing Science @Meta Benelux) He and his team help some of the largest advertisers in the world measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Meta’s platforms and beyond.

Stage 2 [UK] – Google x A New opportunity in Advertising Analytics: Predicting Attention in the Digital Age

As we navigate an unprecedented shift in the advertising landscape, a singular challenge emerges: capturing and measuring consumer attention in an environment dominated by platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Amid this competition and content saturation, how can brands ensure visibility and engagement?

Attention, I posit, is becoming the pivotal metric in advertising analytics. Its accurate measurement at scale, however, remains a complex task. Historically, consumer neuroscience provided some answers but often faced scalability challenges due to inherent time and cost constraints. Our experience from 2015, as a Neuromarketing research company serving brands like Heineken, Duracell, and Uber, attests to these challenges.

But, recent advancements in machine learning and predictive AI offer a fresh perspective. In collaboration with Google, we’ve developed, a platform specifically designed to predict attention metrics for YouTube ads. Preliminary results indicate a robust correlation between our predictive scores and actual ad performance metrics.

In my talk, I’ll delve deeper into the analytical frameworks behind, showcasing its utility and shedding light on its implications for future advertising analytics. And I will dive into the details of how attention can be reliably measured using AI, and what are the most important metrics to consider when you’re trying to predict advertising effectiveness.

Coen Olde Olthof (CEO & Co-founder

Stage 3 [NL] – VKA: Data, Privacy & Ethiek: hoe neem je (fundamentele) waarden mee in data analytics?

Datagedreven werken kan veel goeds opleveren. Nieuwe inzichten, betere dienstverlening, efficiëntere bedrijfsvoering en nog veel meer. Data kan je echter ook op het verkeerde been zetten. Bijvoorbeeld door het gebruik van verkeerde data, of door goede data op een verkeerde manier te gebruiken.

Hoe zorg je dat data analytics privacyvriendelijk en ethisch verantwoord wordt uitgevoerd? In een interactieve sessie laten we jullie aan de hand van een casus kennismaken met een toegankelijke methode die vanuit wetgeving én organisatiewaarden ervoor zorgt dat fundamentele vragen op het gebied data, privacy én ethiek op het juiste moment worden gesteld, welke afwegingen hierbij een rol spelen en hoe je daar in de praktijk mee kunt omgaan.

Dorus-Jan ten Boom (Expert Data & Ethics @VKA)
Laura Natrop (Managing consultant Privacy @VKA)

15.15 – 15.45  Break 

15.45 – 16.20  Round 6

Mainstage [NL] – Get Responsive: De Toekomst van Self-Service BI: Advanced Data Analysis van OpenAI

Power BI heeft ons een revolutie gebracht in self-service BI, waardoor data-analyse en visualisatie voor velen toegankelijk is geworden. Maar stel je een toekomst voor waarin je complexe data-analyses kunt uitvoeren door eenvoudigweg te vragen. Welkom in de wereld van de Advanced Data Analysis van OpenAI!

In deze presentatie neemt Jeroen Heerschop je mee op reis door deze baanbrekende technologie. Ontdek hoe je in natuurlijke taal data kunt bevragen, interpreteren, modelleren en visualiseren. Leer welke rol Python speelt in deze geavanceerde analyses.

Stap in de toekomst van data-analyse en ontdek waarom deze innovatie dé volgende stap is in de evolutie van self-service BI. Bereid je voor om te worden geïnspireerd en de mogelijkheden van morgen, vandaag al te omarmen!

Jeroen Heerschop is oprichter van Get Responsive, 1 van de grootste trainingsbedrijven op het gebied van Power Platform in Nederland. Jeroen deelt al 3,5 jaar actief op LinkedIn en YouTube over Power BI en AI. Onder andere via zijn wekelijkse live programma, sinds begin 2020. Met meer dan 1,5 miljoen kijkers per jaar is hij 1 van de meest zichtbare Business Intelligence content makers in Nederland.

Stage 2 [NL] – Big Data Company & SPAR: Waarom Falen Sommige Winkels Terwijl Anderen Floreren? De AI-Gedreven Locatiestrategie Onthuld!

Het kiezen van de juiste locatie voor winkels en restaurants is een uitdaging, en in het digitale tijdperk is dit complexer dan ooit. De rol van het juiste assortiment is cruciaal, maar hoe stem je dit af op de steeds veranderende consumentenvoorkeuren? Welkom in de wereld waar digitale en fysieke strategieën samensmelten, gedreven door een krachtige combinatie van data, expertopinie, en kunstmatige intelligentie (AI).

The Big Data Company staat op de voorgrond van deze revolutie, gespecialiseerd in ruimtelijke analyses voor restaurants, winkels en winkelcentra. We brengen de expertise van onze klanten samen met datagestuurde inzichten om nauwkeurige, voorspellende AI-algoritmen te ontwikkelen. Onze technologieën hebben al toonaangevende merken zoals McDonalds, SPAR en Zeeman ondersteund in hun zoektocht naar de ideale locaties.

In deze presentatie delen Marco Maatman (SPAR) en Daan Kolkman (The Big Data Company) hun inzichten in de analyses die SPAR ondersteunen bij hun ambitieuze uitbreidingsplannen. Met een streven naar 1.000 verkooppunten in Nederland in de komende jaren, is een diepgaand begrip van de (lokale) markt essentieel. Ontdek hoe een AI-gedreven locatiestrategie het landschap van retail en horeca verandert, en hoe je dit kunt toepassen op jouw onderneming.

Stage 3 [UK] – ESOMAR: Who benefits from disruption? A look at global positioning of data analytics in the insights landscape

Advancements in computing power gave birth to technology companies capable of collecting increasingly detailed data from the population (or a subset of it). Saying that, today, the turnover of this sector has surpassed that of the established market research is but scratching the surface. The Data Analytics sector has reshaped the industry and rearranged the dynamics between its players. But, while these developments may look complex, they are the result of seizing clear opportunities in the market.

Xabier Palacio (Senior Manager @ESOMAR)
Ajitha Gopalakrishnan (Data Analyst @ESOMAR)

16.30 – 17.05  Keynote

Mainstage [UK] – Google Cloud: GenAI & The Data Foundation Needed to Maximise its value

Generative AI (GenAI) is a new and rapidly evolving field of AI that has the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. In this keynote presentation, we will explore the latest advances in GenAI and discuss how this technology is being used to solve real-world problems in industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment.
Here are some of the topics that will be covered in this keynote:
• What is GenAI and how does it work?
• Real-world applications of GenAI in different industries
• How you can get started leveraging the power of GenAI in your business

Anouk Muis (Customer Engineering Manager @Google Cloud)

17.05 – 17.15  Closure by Chairman Jaap Wieringa (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

17.15 – 18.15  Drinks & Bites (by Bilendi)