The Supercharged Human. How AI is transforming the insights industry I ENG

(Generative) AI in research – what are the use cases, but also drawbacks. This presentation is a masterclass on crack – bringing you up to speed on the latest in AI, sharing the results of several A/B tests and answering some key questions around whether we still need human(s) (data)?

Webinar will be given by Stijn Poffé (Snr. Business Director , Human8). Stijn is a partner at Human8 (formerly known as InSites Consulting) where he has been working for the past 13 years. He started his career as a qualitative researcher and is currently leading a cross-country team of consultants supporting clients in food & beverages, beauty, luxury and fashion around EMEA. He is passionate about new technology and how it can impact our and other industries.

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