Webinar: The Art of Presenting Insights

** Exclusively for our MIE’24 speakers! **

MIE’24 is coming! Have you gathered all your insights and are you ready to inspire your colleagues and potential clients with a fantastic presentation? Do you know how to present with impact? Do you understand the Art of Presenting Insights? We are happy to help you with some great tips & tricks.

Together with two-time MIE winner Michiel Dullaert from dePerfecteGrafiek, we are organizing this exclusive webinar prior to MIE’24. In this Art of Presenting Insights webinar, Michiel will share his best tips to get your presentation to the next level. Tips about the structure of your presentation, the design of your slides and the interaction with your audience. A few weeks before MIE 2024, so you can apply to your own presentation. Of course, Michiel’s tips are not only interesting for your MIE presentation, but also for all other presentations you will give in the future.

Topics covered in this webinar

  • Preparing your Presentation: The two most important questions you should ask yourself.
  • Storytelling, the order of the slides.
  • The three types of content slides and how to design them.
  • How to interaction with the audience to get them engaged.

About the speaker

Michiel Dullaert is passionate about data visualization and giving presentations. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge of data design, visual communication, and storytelling with anyone who wants to hear it. Michiel is one of the most popular MIE speakers in recent years. He has won the prize for best speaker twice. Michiel collected his best presentation tips especially for this webinar. So that you can make your own MIE presentation even more successful!